I had spent two years going to chiropractors and the Bone and Joint specialist with no relief. Until I discovered Dave I could not walk or get on airplanes or continue my work, and in my six months with him I became free of pain and moving freely like I was 20 years younger. I cannot thank Dave enough for the skills he gave me, the therapy he gave me to help me get better and regain my life.

 - M.T.

Coming off a stress fracture in my hip and having a herniated disc in my back, I was very apprehensive about running the Chicago Marathon. I have been a client of Dave’s for a few years and his thirst for knowledge and growth is unparalleled to anyone. So it was only natural to make him a part of my training regimen and he was an instrumental part. I highly recommend Dave for any athlete-beginner or advanced.

 - H.B.

I highly recommend David! He is professional and skilled. He is fluent in body movement. His combination of stretching and massage is the perfect mix to relax you and realign your body. I feel 3 inches taller when I leave!

 - K.O.

Dave has provided me with therapeutic relief for many ailments I have experienced over the past few years. He has helped me with tendinitis, muscle strains and headaches. He does it with professionalism and knowledge that I have grown to trust & value.


 - C.H.

David is friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. He always questioned my health to tailor my session exactly to MY needs. As a competitive bodybuilder this is extremely important to me. The combination of stretch therapy and massage is a must for anyone wanting to lead a healthy active lifestyle. I highly recommend him to everyone.

 - M.M.